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Alfie the Mandrake Giveaway!

Alfie the Mandrake needs a loving home. He is made of polymer clay and is one of a kind - I don’t use molds when making my mandrakes, so you can be sure you’ll be receiving an individual piece.

This giveaway is open for people in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Great Britain & Ireland.

- Must be following me
- Must reblog this post
- Must be okay with giving out your mailing address and name

This isn’t just a reblog/like and I will pick a random number. Instead, I would like you to state where in your home he will be placed (on the mantle, children’s room, kitchen etc), how he will be used (magically? or other uses?), will be be brought to life or given a command, if so, how? And any other info you can think of. Most creative answer will be chosen as the winner.

Giveaway closes on July 25.

Good luck everyone!

Moved the giveaway up to a little over a week from now.

I wabt to start selling my mandrakes soon, but want to make sure I get the giveaway sorted before I do.

3 more days!


Tim Burton received this handmade cake from his animation team and it’s basically the coolest shit ever.


I love our van.

I love our van.



YASS!! FUCK It UP!!! lol He was Like “Senior Citizen My Ass Get Into These Moves”




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