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I still like naps and dreaming and a boy with a beard.
I also like travel and crystals and living simply.
My blog changes as I do.
Lets see what happens.

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Come not between a dragon and his wrath.



This. All of this makes me beyond happy for so many reasons. 




Hearing Aid Ear Plugs Concept by designaffairs

Rising self-confidence is taking prostheses to another level. People don’t try to hide their handicap anymore.Show what you‘ve got, don’t make a fuzz about your problem. Wear your hearing aid like a piece of jewelry, a stylish accessory. Be individual, be cool, be yourself.

Hearing aid is made for customers with a medium level of hearing disability. In case of a severe hearing damage one could order the PLUG which contents a more powerful system.

this is one of my favorite inventions ever.
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